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June 14, 2024


ADAGP - Bourse Transverse

Genre: Art Fellowship
Art field: Digital / Sound / Painting / Drawing / Photography / Video / Graphic / Installation / Performance / Sculpture / Textile Art / Ceramics


7,000 €
5,000 € for the publisher



Eligibility conditions

Resident of France
Collaboration between a photographer and an artist.


June 26, 2024


Nouvel Observatoire Photographique - Jeune Création Photographique Grand Est

Genre: Art Fellowship
Art field: Photography
Theme: H₂O between Charybdis and Scylla


2,750 €



Eligibility conditions

Born between 1980 (included) and 2006 (included)
Resident of Grand Est (FR)

Art Fellowships – Support for artists

If you want to develop your artistic practice without financial constraints hindering your creative process, then art fellowships are just what you need. They provide support and funding for artists to pursue their work. Explore our website to find art fellowships and get supported in your artistic development.

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FAQs: Most frequently asked questions about fellowships

Continue reading to learn more about answers to the most frequently asked questions concerning art fellowships.

What are art fellowships?

Art fellowships are financial grants awarded to artists to support their artistic development. They serve to alleviate financial constraints, allowing artists to focus on their work. In fostering artistic growth and exploration, fellowships can be used for a variety of purposes, including covering the cost of materials, or living expenses.

What are the typical amounts of art fellowships and how are they delivered?

The amounts of art fellowships vary widely, depending on the funding source and project's scale. These funds can be disbursed in various ways – some are paid as a one-time payment, while others are issued in monthly installments.

The presentation of the art fellowships on our website allows you to see in each case the specifics of any given fellowship that is offered.

How to find art fellowships?

Open calls for art fellowships often have specific eligibility criteria, including factors such as the applicant’s art discipline, age, nationality, residence location, and career stage. Because applying is a time-consuming process, it is essential to focus on suitable opportunities.

Our website features a carefully chosen list of high quality art fellowships for a range of different artist profiles. Use our search filters to simplify your search and only look for the fellowships that align with your profile.

How do I apply for art fellowships?

Most open calls for art fellowships require artists to submit a comprehensive application, including a project description, portfolio, artist statement, resume, and sometimes also a letter of recommendation.

Do you need help? Check our online courses that will teach you all the different aspects you need to be aware of in order to build a successful application.