About us
We are a group of artists from several European countries who have noticed in the past that searching online for art opportunities can be laborious. We have developed ideas about how that situation could be improved and have founded Artenda on that basis.

The aims of Artenda are:

- to provide a clear overview of all international art opportunities;
- to facilitate, accelerate and personalize the search by the means of filters and recommendations;
- to simplify the organization of the different deadlines through a personal agenda and deadline reminders per email.

All this to ensure that artists can devote their time to what they are most interested in: making art.

We always wanted to have such a website. Now it is there and we are delighted to be able to share it with as many artists as possible!

Press kit

Artenda Press kit - English

Artenda Pressekit - Deutsch

Artenda Dossier de presse - Français

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Artenda Logo - Color

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